Happy Halloween

1-Black cat 3

1-Black cat 4

1-Black cat 6

1-Black cat 2

1-Black Cat 7

1-Black cat 1

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, second only to Christmas. I’ve always loved dressing up, jack-o’-lanterns, scary movies and all things that go bump in the night. I have such wonderful memories of running around my neighborhood with leaves crunching under my feet, trick or treating with my best friends. My mom always wanted me to dress up as something sweet like a princess or an angel, but much to her dismay I always wanted to be a witch, a vampire or Morticia Addams. It was Halloween and I wanted to be something scary! Not much has changed even though I’ve grown up, I still love Halloween just as much as I did then. I just wish that I could go back in time and run around the neighborhood with my best friends again.

I hope you have a delightfully spooky Halloween! :)



Outfit details….Dress/from Modcloth, Hat/from Target, Tights/from ebay, Shoes/from Lotta from Stockholm, Earrings/from Target (old)

*Photos taken by Aaron, edited by me

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  • Love your tights! Such a fun look for Halloween!


  • Truly, Tamara

    Thank you, Kathrine! I hope you have a Happy Halloween :).

  • Awesome look! I love vintage looks, and love your dress and hat. THose stockings are adorable!!! Great look
    from the link up,

    please stop by, jess xx


    • Truly, Tamara

      Thank you so much, Jess! :)

  • Love the details. Nothing too much! :)

    • Truly, Tamara

      Thanks, Joana! :)

  • What great tights! Very fun!

    • Truly, Tamara

      Thank you, Stephanie!

  • Aw that dress is so cute! I love those cat socks too. Haha I was the opposite of you when I was little– I always wanted to be a princess, or anything fluffy and pretty :) I don’t think I was ever anything scary! I did enjoy haunted houses though. Hope you have a great night!

    • Truly, Tamara

      Thank you so much, Daisy! It sounds like you were a normal little girl ;). It’s funny, because when I was little I never wanted anything to do with being too girly and I’m the complete opposite now. I do still love scary stuff though. I had a really fun Halloween with my family. I hope you had a fun Halloween too! :)

  • Your tights are perfect! I love this halloween outfit on you. I see you’re wearing your token peter pan collar! I love the hat!

    • Truly, Tamara

      Thank you, Lorna Mai . I just can’t help myself, I’m obsessed with Peter Pan collars! ;).

  • Those tights are actual perfection. I love this whole outfit! I have that hat as well and it’s such a perfect accessory!

    • Truly, Tamara

      Aww thank you, Chelsea! I’m so happy you stopped by :).

  • Man I LOVE those cat tights so much!!!! They look adorable on you, how perfect are they for Halloween, Tamara?! You definitely don’t look scary, just fabulous :)

    Catherine x

    • Truly, Tamara

      Thank you so much, Catherine! Halloween is definitely the perfect time for these tights ;). I’m so happy you stopped by, I am such a fan of your blog!

  • kelsey

    Those tights though!!

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    Good Vibes! ~Kelsey

    • Truly, Tamara

      Thanks, Kelsey!