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Ok, so I’m not going back to school and thank goodness for that! Lets just say that I didn’t exactly love school and I still sometimes have nightmares that it’s the end of the semester and I still don’t have any of my assignments done. The one thing I do miss though, is the back to school shopping. I have very fond memories of going shopping at Hudson’s with my mom, it’s the one thing that made the idea of going back to school bearable for me. I remember planning the outfit that I would wear on the first day of school like it was the most important thing in the world. I’m so thankful that I have a mom who let me be myself and wear pretty much whatever I wanted as long as it was within the dress code of my private school (which could sometimes be a bit limiting to a budding fashionista). Even though I’m an adult now and my school days are long gone, I think I should still be able to go “back to school” shopping around this time of year. Just as it eased the pain of the looming school year for me, new sweaters and boots will ease the pain of the impending winter ;).

It seemed appropriate to wear this jumper from ModCloth on the day that most kids go back to school. It reminds me of a school uniform in the very best way and I love it. I paired it with these Bass saddle shoes I scored from an eBay auction to give it even more of a preppy schoolgirl look. Now I just need to get a chic leather backpack and I’ll be ready to hit the books. Only this time, I get to choose what to read! ;).



Outfit details….Jumper/from Modcloth, Blouse/from Forever 21 (old), Saddle shoes/purchased from an eBay auction (similar), Earrings/from Moxie Boutique

*Photos taken by Aaron, edited by me

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  • Marta

    Such a cute & fun look! Love your jumper & the leopard!
    Marta, xo

    • Truly, Tamara

      Thank you, Marta!

  • Angela1

    So cute! One of your best! Lov the jumper

    • Truly, Tamara

      Thanks, Angela1! ;)

  • This outfit looks great on you, love the leopard shirt under the jumper, and I am a fan of oxfords as well!
    from the link up
    please stop by, jess

    • Truly, Tamara

      Thank you so much, Jess! I have a bit of an oxford addiction ;).

  • Leopard is the best neutral, isn’t it? Such a cute post! :) Xo, Alison

    • Truly, Tamara

      It really is! :) Thank you, Alison!

  • Oh I remember jumpers like that but we didn’t have to wear uniforms and I was so glad because I loved picking out my clothes at even age 10! My Mom was my fashion guru. I learned at an early age that she would be my guided because I loved the shoes in her closet that I yearned to grow into. I almost did, but my then they weren’t into vintage styles yet. She wish I had some of her shoes, today. Chemo is fading I can tell and Monday is zero chemo!!! Oh the boundless energy I am going to have — I can’t wait. Thanks for being at Fashion item Friday so much. I love it. ♥, Renae

    • Truly, Tamara

      Thank you so much, Renae! I wish my mom would have kept more of her clothes from the 60s, she had a great sense of style also. I love anything vintage ;). I’m so glad to hear that you are that you are doing well.

  • Love this jumper !

    • Truly, Tamara

      Thank you!

  • I really love the animal print on you! So stinking cute girl! TGIF!!!! :)

    • Truly, Tamara

      Thanks, I’m really loving animal prints lately ;). I hope you had a great weekend!

  • I’m a huge fan of leopard Tamara so I love your blouse. Your dress looks great over the top.

    • Truly, Tamara

      So am I, Lorna Mai :). Thank you so much!

  • Adorable look and LOVE your hair!
    Dawn Lucy

    • Truly, Tamara

      Aww thank you, Dawn Lucy! :)

  • What a cute outfit! I love those earrings too!

    • Truly, Tamara

      Thanks, Olya! My friend Heather made the earrings, she is super talented. We just recently opened an Etsy shop, you should check it out! ;)

  • LOVE those shoes! they are giving me a chic school girl vibe! They look so great paired with that dress!


    • Truly, Tamara

      Thank you, Robyn! I was so lucky to find them on eBay!

  • I am quite new to the blogging world,
    I am now following you through Bloglovin.
    mind to follow me back?
    thank you.

    <3 <3 Nybel

    • Truly, Tamara

      Thank you for stopping by! :)

  • Awww this apron dress is sooo cute! Saw your comment on ATLANTIC-PACIFIC’s blog and got led back to yours. By the way, I just hosted a new GIVEAWAY on my blog that features a 3.1 PHILLIP LIM BAG! That’s right, my BIGGEST GIVEAWAY till date, it’s international and all you need to do is follow me on BLOGLOVIN’ and/or INSTAGRAM to win!! Good luck to all!



    • Truly, Tamara

      Thank you and thanks so much for visiting! :)

  • Love those shoes! Sad to find out I couldn’t get the exact pair! I just discovered your blog, we are a few Detroit gals new to blogging and having a blast. Michigan love!

    xo Kristin & Maria

    • Truly, Tamara

      Keep an eye out on eBay and maybe you could find the same pair. I’m so happy to meet other Michigan bloggers! I’m finding out that there are more than I thought ;). Thank you so much for stopping by!

  • Amy Ann

    Love this! Totally my favorite outfit I have seen you in. So full of personality.

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

    • Truly, Tamara

      Aww thank you so much, Amy Ann! :)

  • Such an adorable outfit. I love the leopard print paired with the solid black. You look so cute that you’ve inspired me to get a jumper too!

    xo, Serli

    • Truly, Tamara

      Aww thank you, Serli! I’m glad I could help provide some inspiration ;). You should definitely get one, they can be styled so many ways. I’m looking forward to styling this one in the colder months ahead :).

  • A jumper mixed with leopard- fun and adorable!

    • Truly, Tamara

      Thank you so much! :)

  • So cute! Love the jumper! xo Andrea

    Boho Bunnie

    • Truly, Tamara

      Thanks, Andrea! :)

  • That jumper is fab (love ModCloth!)! Of course, I’m drooling over the leopard print, too… :) T.

    • Truly, Tamara

      Thank you, Tina! Modcloth is one of my favorite online stores ;).

  • Monica

    love this jumper dress

    mon |

    • Truly, Tamara

      Thanks, Monica!

  • Great outfit! Love your shoes! :)

    • Truly, Tamara

      Thank you, Stephanie! These shoes are definitely one of my favorite eBay finds :).

  • This jumper is so cute and I love it paired with the leopard shirt! I’m completely with you on back to school shopping, this time of year always feels like a fresh start to me and the best time to up my work wardrobe!

    xo Caity
    must be magic

    • Truly, Tamara

      Thank you so much, Caity! Just because we aren’t in school anymore doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t update our fall/winter wardrobe this time of year ;).

  • Tamara, you look adorable!! That little black dress is so cute itself but the leopard top under it adds such a nice touch. So cute!

    • Truly, Tamara

      Aww thank you so much, Lauren! :)

  • A perfect back to school look!

    • Truly, Tamara

      Thank you, Edita!

  • Super cute jumper dress! :)


    • Truly, Tamara

      Thanks, Ashley! :)

  • Such a cute jumper! I love the twirl factor of it!

    • Truly, Tamara

      Thank you so much, Ashley! We took these pictures on a really windy day, so the twirl factor was unintentional this time. I’m pretty happy with the outcome though ;).

  • I am in love with your blouse – leopard is my favorite color!! Very cool!

    • Truly, Tamara

      Thanks, Riva! I really love leopard print too :).

  • Love this jumper from Modcloth and it’s perfectly paired with the animal print. Btw, we’re pretty close to each other. I’m in Bloomfield Hills. ~Cynthia |

    • Truly, Tamara

      Thank you, Cynthia! Oh wow, you really are close! Such a small world :). Are there ever any blogger events in this area? I’m so new to this whole thing and don’t really know any local bloggers.

  • Back to school shopping is one of the best memories I have related to school hahah

    This whole outfit is too cute!

    • Truly, Tamara

      Me too, Crissy! It’s certainly the only thing I miss about school ;). Thank you for stopping by.

  • This is the best outfit ever. Love the print and the layering. Really want something like this.

    • Truly, Tamara

      Thank you so much, Imogen! Check out Modcloth :).

  • Wow! I am totally in love with your amazing sense of style! I particularly enjoy the contrast in this dress; I think it really plays up your shoes. Great outfit!

    • Truly, Tamara

      Aww thank you so much for your sweet words, Cristina!